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Channel 10 personality Dave Munsey to retire

21 april 2017


The weatherman with the longest run at a single station of any Valley TV personality will retire this summer.

Bittersweet news for Phoenix TV watchers: One of the Valley’s most likable personalities, Channel 10 (KSAZ) main weather anchor Dave Munsey has announced that he will retire after 42 years at the station.

“I wanted to retire while I was still good-looking, but since I missed that boat, I decided to do it before I turned 70,” Munsey said in a statement released on Thursday afternoon. “But seriously, I’ve lived my version of the American dream. I have a wonderful family and friends, a job I love and enjoy each day, and I got to choose to retire and give up the time restraints and control that others have over me so I could give that control to one person — my wife.”


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