(Each week, we’re going to kick off discussion about Twin Peaks: The Return by answering one question: what was the best scene of the episode?)

After the Dougie-centric adventures of last week’s Twin Peaks, I was sort of dreading last night’s episode. But to my great relief, David Lynch and Mark Frost picked up the pace and delivered one of the most straightforward chunks of the season thus far. It’s packed with all sorts of juicy revelations that answer questions fans have had for years, but also poses its share of new quandaries to consider.

In our Twin Peaks part 7 review, we’ll cover the return of an old key, a foiled assassination attempt, and much more.

The Best Scene in Part 7

It’s usually fairly easy for me to select the best scene of a Twin Peaks episode, but it speaks to part 7’s quality that there were a…

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